Flipbooks are like old-fashioned cartoons, 
only with pics of you, made in 90 seconds!

The Original Oklahoma Flipbook Studio!

Featured on Good Day Tulsa- Jan. 2011
And KSBI's All About You-May 2012

We bring you the latest trend in interactive, personalized party favors at events and parties...

With our flipbooks and photobooth, we provide not only a custom keepsake, but we are the party entertainment as well. 

Custom covers are created for each event. Send photos or logos to make your cover special.

Perfect for: Bar and Bat Mitzvahs 
Wedding Receptions (we do lots of these)
Corporate Events & Meetings (who wouldn't want to see their boss wearing a big pink feather boa?)
Holiday Parties
Non-Profit Galas (flipbook will have guests writing checks)
Graduation Parties (imagine taking a flipbook to a 10 year reunion!)
Do I really need to keep going? The possibilities are endless!

Picstories-Oklahoma Photobooth and Flipbook Co.
Phone: 405-819-5831
Email: picstories.flipbooks@yahoo.com
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